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A & P INSTRUMENT is founded in HongKong in 1984, which is a famous agency for laser and phtoelectronics products. We act as agent for many western outstanding brand which include Newport, SPI, Synrad, etc. A & P INSTRUMENT dedicates to introduce the most advanced products and technology worldwide to our customers and provide perfect service system to them. We can also provide professional and effective solutions. To improve the level of the domestic education, research and other relevant industries is our permanent business and responsibility.


Our products involve the following three aspects:

1.      Various kinds of laser devices and system, optical devices and system, precise motion control products, optical communication products, etc。

2.      Teaching apparatus of various subjects in college and high school。

3.      Laboratory instrument, food science instrument, environment detection devices, material testing equipment, etc.


During the last thirty years, A & P INSTRUMENT consistently uphold the philosophy "Professional·Quality·Service", and we will provide excellent service。 We gain our reputation by offering dependable service and comprehensive lines of instruments and accessories。 And we have established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taiwan and Singapore。 Please visit our website http://www。anp。com。hk/ of dial 400-886-0017 or 400-886-0019 for more information。


Brands we are serving for:
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